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Meeting planners, event planners, event coordinators, FYE coordinators, orientation coordinators, meeting chairs – if you are interested, contact Steve at steve@steveettlinger.com, or call 917-921-8575 to discuss your event.  

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Steve Ettlinger is a sought-after public speaker who delights equally in speaking to both college and professional audiences.

His humor and passion for delving into the nitty-gritty details are evident in his talks, which include a slide show of photos of the more amazing and interesting sites he visited in the course of doing original research for where artificial food ingredients come from, for Twinkie, Deconstructed.

Audiences of foodies or scientists are equally energized with the unique knowledge gained from Steve’s presentations. 

As Newsweek Magazine said, “You’ll never look at an ingredient label the same way again.”  If you are looking to improve your life or the lives of others through better knowledge of the food you eat, start here.  

For ideas of discussion topics, questions, class assignments, and projects, check out the Teacher’s Guide page on Penguin’s website by clicking here.

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What people are saying about Steve’s public speaking:

"Steve's presentation at Google was one of the season's most well-attended talks.  Steve's wealth of knowledge, wit, and sense of humor make for a great presentation for any audience, large or small." -- Google

“No one will ever hear Steve’s talk and be able to think about food in the same way they did before.  A real treat for the audience.” --Mary L. Nucci, Research Analyst, The Food Policy Institute, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

“There was a long, happy book-signing line at the end of the evening. I recommend Steve Ettlinger as a speaker and I think his topic, an insider’s look at the chemicals we all eat, should interest anyone curious about their world and their diet.” --Steve Herman, Program Chairman, NY Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists

“Our night with Steve Ettlinger was one of our most successful events ever!” -- Kerry Trueman, co-founder, Eating Liberally

“Steve Ettlinger was an engaging and inspirational speaker, and gave a fantastic presentation at Berkeley, which appealed to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and community members.  He talked in a way that presented a lot of content and information without being dry, and also translated many technical, food science terms and jargon into language that was comprehensible and interesting to a wide audience.”  -- Lia Fernald, Asst. Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

“Everyone at Ohio Wesleyan really enjoyed Steve's lecture - it was arranged as part of a lecture series on sustainability, and talking about junk food was a refreshing change from talk after talk on global warming!  It was very interesting and got everyone who attended thinking more about just what is in our food.  Additionally, we were able to have a "Twinkie taste testing" the following day, and getting Steve's "expert opinion" on our homemade versions was great fun.  The event overall was a big success.” --   

Rebecca Deatsman, Association for Women in Science, Ohio Wesleyan University

“I really can not emphasize enough how much EVERYONE LOVED your lecture. It was informative and hilarious and I honestly haven't stopped boasting about it!

It’s something you never really think about when you buy foods, like processed foods. You don’t know where exactly the ingredients are coming from, and you don’t know how they’re affecting the environment.” -- Mariam Rizk, Director of Progressive Programs, Illini Union Board, Earth Week Program, Univ. of Illinois

“Steve's talk was enlightening and very interesting. The information was presented in such a way as to open the viewer's mind to where some foods really come from, encouraging the viewer to make further discoveries with his/her favorite foods. I enjoyed Steve's enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge!” -- Lisa Hiskey, Rockford College


Ettlinger’s presentation is of interest to audiences concerned with:

  1. relating science to the everyday experience

  2. consumer or environmental issues

  3. eating healthily

  4. promoting locally grown, sustainably farmed, or whole foods

  5. how narrative nonfiction is written

  6. where our food comes from, especially industriallly-produced food

  7. “Green” issues

  8. Earth Day

Academic audiences that would enjoy Ettlinger’s presentation include those of:

  1. Food studies, food politics, eco-gastronomy

  2. Nutrition, nutritional science, dietetics

  3. Public health

  4. Ecology

  5. Food science, food technology, food safety technology

  6. Chemistry

  7. Environmental and biological sciences

  8. Sustainability

  9. Anthropology

  10. Agriculture

  11. Culinary arts

  12. Political science

  13. Journalism (science or general nonfiction writing)